An amazing 223 prescriptions have been delivered by our team of volunteers in only 6 days!  Beginning on Monday 30th March up until Monday 6th April, our own team of volunteers have worked so hard, and saved 223 visits to the surgery.

Keeping our surgery staff safe.

Keeping our residents safe.

We will forever remember the hard work and selflessness of our volunteers. They have embraced new technologies in order to communicate safely…and are now What’s App experts!

And for those volunteers who are not directly involved in the delivery of prescriptions, you came forward. You volunteered. You are making a difference.  I have never been so proud to live in this beautiful, wonderful community. Working together, helping each other and just continuing to smile, keep checking on our neighbours, friends and family. Supporting each other and our local school and  businesses.

We will get through this difficult, trying time.