As Maureen Lipman used to say….”It’s good to talk!”

In these difficult times many of us are experiencing loneliness and feelings of isolation as we must stay at home and stay safe.  We are unable to mix with people as we like to and for those living alone, this is very hard.  A resident of our lovely village who we will call, Sarah, spoke with me a few weeks ago as she is very concerned about the feelings of loneliness and isolation which we may be feeling.

The Parish Council share Sarah’s concerns.

I remembered the old BT ad campaign, “It’s good to talk” and thought we might use this to encourage everyone to pick up the phone and speak to someone rather than struggle along alone. I know from personal experience that a daily phone call to my mum and daughter, both of whom I miss, helps me to feel better and gives me something to look forward to.

If you know of someone who may be alone, may be struggling with isolation and loneliness, call them! It’s cheap, quick and most importantly it is safe.

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful community and have a number of local residents ready to take your call, should you feel like you would like a chat.  Similarly if you think a neighbour, friend or relative would benefit from a chat with a local person, someone who is equally happy to chat about their day, or listen, please do recommend them to  “Its good to talk!“.

When calling one of our volunteers listed below, please do advise them that you would like to use the “Its good to talk” service.  Our volunteers may be unable to take a call at that moment, but will arrange to speak later. And can provide numbers for national helplines should you require them.

Sarah Jane  07512 603522
Amanda  07887775163
Vicmy   07786231245
Andrew 07904622277
Sarah 07818858351
Alyson & Arwell Hughes 07793741886
Kate 07972573961
Lynn 07771882025
Lisa 07966516270
Liz 07775938384

Gail 07793 630072

If you require specific support please find a list of support numbers below.