Let’s bring Gainford & Langton together with a unique celebration!

The VE-75 celebrations were cancelled some time ago. There is a way we can celebrate the VE-75 anniversary.

Decorating our houses, front gardens, yards and windows with bunting in order to mark the weekend of 8th – 10th May will make a colourful splash as we all take our daily exercise.  I managed to find cheap, plentiful bunting on Amazon (other mail order companies are available!). I am sure some of you clever ones can craft homemade and eco-friendly bunting

This is an opportunity to celebrate the freedom that was gained in Europe 75 years ago at the end of another turbulent period of our history.

In most cases, the sacrifices they made were far greater.  However, we are making sacrifices now, by simply staying home. So let us celebrate together, apart, and decorate our beautiful village for peace for liberty and for the future.

Lets go red, white and blue.  Get your flags out. Lets celebrate all that is great.  All that we still have to be thankful for.